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My latest documentary

A Future to Leave


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About the film

Many aspects of science can be difficult to understand, but it’s scientific study of the natural world that helps us adapt to and live alongside the very nature that we came from. That’s why it’s important to open conversations with, and present evidence to people who may not understand or accept science. This documentary brings scientists, artists, and the rest of the world on a guided tour of our relationship with the planet. It tackles direct drivers of change in nature such as climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss. We still have time to build a future to leave for the next generations.

The structure of this film is largely based on advice given by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson during a Q&A of his new spin on Carl Sagan’s series Cosmos, called Cosmos: Possible Worlds.

The question I asked: “How do you get non-science people to understand and get excited about science?”

Dr. Tyson’s response: 

“That’s hard, it’s not as hard as getting people who reject science, actively- to get them to be interested in science. That’s the hardest, so let me just describe the hardest case—In that hardest case, what I have found, especially through my StarTalk programming, is first you get people to smile, laugh, have fun with information... Then you talk about the science that’s in their life that they’re taking for granted. You know there’s science in their lives. They’ll say “I hate you scientists, oh hold on I’ve got a phone call on my cell phone” okay? Well you know how much science is in this thing. For me, this is the greatest thing since the printing press. Okay? In terms of how much science is folded into and wrapped up in that one device. So, you can’t just beat them on the head- that doesn’t work. You can’t just say you idiot, you’re wrong- that doesn’t work! You got to sort of, walk with them- instead of ahead of them. I have found that that increases the likelihood someone will come to appreciate and embrace the role that science can and needs to play in our civilization.”

You can get updates of the film on Instagram, @afuturetoleave